The students/santiyah residents of Bantarkalong Village, Kec. Cipatujah, Kab. Tasikmalaya. which are scattered in several Islamic boarding schools in Kab. Tasikmalaya and outside Kab. Tasikmalaya, gathered together at the end of Syaum, as many as 102 people to stay in touch and get compensation

(Initiated by the Chairperson of the Bantarkalong Village MUI / Chairperson of DKM AL-Ikhlas Bantarkalong, Apip S.Ag)

Islamic boarding schools are the oldest Islamic educational institutions in Indonesia, and they still make an important contribution in the socio-religious field. In the past, Islamic boarding schools were only looked down upon, but now they are the main choice for Muslim parents to send their sons and daughters to Islamic boarding schools. In fact, parents feel proud when their sons/daughters continue their studies while attending Islamic boarding schools.

Islamic boarding schools as educational institutions have strong roots in the Indonesian Muslim community, in their journey they are able to maintain and maintain their survival and have a multi-aspect educational model. . Based on the curriculum, Islamic boarding schools are divided into three, namely traditional Islamic boarding schools (salafiyah), modern Islamic boarding schools (khalaf or asriyah).

The existence of education in Islamic boarding schools is very much needed in society, so Islamic boarding schools are also present by renewing themselves with the establishment of schools and colleges within Islamic boarding schools, besides that quality continues to be improved so that it creates public trust in the attachment of Islamic boarding schools to rooted communities through the charisma of their kiyas making Islamic boarding schools as educational institutions that very trusted.

There is something that is a challenge for pesantren now. Islamic boarding schools must be able to keep up with the changing times which are increasingly drastic. Islamic boarding schools must follow the existing culture without eliminating the cultures that have been instilled in the pesantren.

Islamic boarding schools are also large institutions that produce scholars in Indonesia, so that they are under the scrutiny and supervision of the government which is sometimes excessive.

Islamic boarding schools have an important role in maintaining a good culture, however, these traditions and culture are adapted to Islamic principles so that they do not violate religious provisions. Because of this, Islamic boarding schools need to continue to respond creatively through education management, as well as find options according to the needs of the times. To strengthen the pesantren institution, the appropriate criteria for modern pesantren (khalaf or asriyah)

must meet the following elements:

1. Kiai or other similar titles;

2. Santri;

3. Islamic boarding schools or dormitories

4. mosque or prayer room, and

5. Recitation and study of the yellow book or dirasah Islamiyah with the mu'allimin education pattern.

These elements will support the growth of Islamic boarding schools as a study of religious knowledge and at the same time other sciences that help with education problems in the country.

The growth of Islamic boarding schools is increasing rapidly, this is a challenge for Islamic boarding schools today and in the future. Islamic boarding schools must grow into child-friendly educational institutions. For pesantren to create the surrounding environment in order to make children comfortable, clean, feel at home, solemn in worship, enjoy learning, playing and interacting. Child Friendly Islamic Boarding Schools must prioritize non-violent forms of discipline through communication and teach responsibility and respect in interacting with the environment. At least the conception of a child-friendly pesantren must be built from indicators with moral approval for the common good. Among other things, policies to commit to continuing to develop a friendly environment, qualified teaching staff, fostering a sense of compassion among others, a curriculum with material that is appropriate to the needs of the students. In addition, learning activities are able to support the potential of each student, especially in various learning strategies, as well as service management components. All parties must collaborate, bond with each other to create a child-friendly boarding school that meets expectations.

Tasikmalaya, April 25, 2023